Hello Australia This is The Australian Independents Movement.. We are contesting the next Queensland election as an Independents. 

independent australiaThe concept of what we are doing here is very simple. We are looking at establishing a team of independent people to sit for all Parliaments under the one common banner as being true independents are the only way to properly represent the people. Party politics has shown to fail at every possible level, nowhere are the peoples best interests ever served. The people, with party politics who make the decisions are not elected people at all, these are simply party bureaucrats serving the interests of the party only. That is why we are in such a mess. Party Politicians will always come out with the excuse of the opposite being true and the Party cannot achieve anything. That simply isn’t true, if they had the right policies there would be an electoral massive win.

Each candidate can set their own policies and ideas, they are not bound to follow anything on this website. The only thing they are bound by is to bring back a real sense of decency, manners and not partake in anything that would be a race to the bottom.

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